Abby Hagyard

“Feisty…” The Ubyssey

“Infectious…” CBC

“Best in show…” Variety International

“A comedienne to the manor born…” The Journal

“There’s a lady on stage…” The Citizen

The copy they write about me

“When it comes to ‘train-wreck’ moments, Abby Hagyard has an endless supply. There was the time she channeled Green Acres, bought a vintage hobby farm and learned that you can’t stop a tractor by driving it into a barn. The time she got her license to drive transport trucks caused the utmost damned astonishment at the truck-driver training school. Her career in morning drive radio was short-lived. It helps if you’re a morning person, apparently. And her days as a bartender are the stuff of legend in certain parts of New York. Why is the rum next to the gin, if you’re not supposed to mix it with olives and dry vermouth?

The most interesting thing about these disasters isn’t that Abby survived them. It’s that they took place right alongside her successful gigs: at Playboy Magazine in NYC; with American Models down in Miami; talking to A List stars as the host of Scene From Here on CBC; starring as Mom on the world-syndicated hit, You Can’t Do That On TV; voicing The Care Bears and Teddy Ruxpin; playing to SRO crowds as Shirley Valentine; and winning awards for her quirky stage comedies, I Still Miss My Man, But My Aim Is Getting Better and The Critics’ Choice.”

What kind of Speaker am I?

What if I made you laugh harder than you’ve laughed in a while?
What if I proved that our Glory Days aren’t behind us, after all?
What if I gave you the chance to try FAME on for size?
Would that be a good time?

My Ideal Audience

People don’t really change… have you noticed?
The audience that loves my stuff is made up of three types:
*The ones with a sense of humour
*The ones who bring their A Game
*The ones who love a good time

Where I Speak

*In the Halls of Higher Learning
(Universities, Colleges, Career Training Schools, PD Days)
They get a kick out me

*At Annual Meetings/Conventions
(Businesses, Associations, Fund-raisers, Foundations)
They love my energy

*At Executive Training Retreats
(Leadership, Team-building, Goal-setting – Corporate & Government)
They steal my best stuff

*For Show Biz Groups
(Acting Schools, Modeling/Talent Agencies, Tourism, Hotels, Hospitality)
Who laugh till they cry

Are YOU ready to give me a try?

Panel 1

Ahhh… FAME!

“Guess who likes you!”

Remember that kid back in school?
The one who always knew?

Remember when you heard those words?
Or that time you beat the odds and won the prize?
Remember the way you felt?
Those were the days, weren’t they?

Glory Days…
Yeah, they’ll pass you by

Have you ever wondered why…

Everyone thinks we get one shot at the brass ring?
One chance to make that first impression?
A fleeting moment to be a star?

What if I can prove that your New Glory Days are waiting?

What if I can show you how easy it is to keep The Dream alive?
That, in fact, we get as many Glory Days as we’re willing to work for?
How do I know?
I wrote the book on FAME.

Celebrity Speaker

The best things about the talks I give?
They’re funny… they’re true…
And they’re all about YOU!

The Truth

FAME isn’t one of those things that happens to the other guy.
FAME is… what you want it to be.

And your New Glory Days are waiting!


Panel 2

Glory Days

Glory Days…
Yeah, they’ll pass you by

“…if you let them”

This is the line we never hear.
Have you ever wondered why?

What would it take to get you excited?

What if I can prove that your New Glory Days are waiting?
What if I can show you how easy it is to keep the dream alive?

Are you curious yet?

Panel 3

And what do you do, dear?

From New York to Miami to LA, I built an audience worldwide

Get The Big Picture Here


It’s an awkward and humbling moment…

When you assume that your reputation precedes you.


Let me set the scene for you…

You get an invitation to a fancy A List shindig

You’re swanning around like a diva

Showing everyone your other good side

When, out of the blue, Someone says to you,

“And what is it that you do, dear?”

Cue the Sounds of Silence.


My Back Story goes like this…

In my defense, I’m almost always out of step.

I’m a military brat… a perpetual new kid on the block.


My Career

After Junior College, I landed a job at Playboy Magazine in New York.

After that, it was high fashion modeling with American Models, Miami Beach.

In the apprenticeship years, I learned how to write, produce and act.

My first TV series was Scene From Here, a show biz show on Canada’s CBC.

We won an award and, right after that, the series was axed. Naturally.

So I narrated National Film Board films and hosted Morning Drive Radio.

I taught the tools of the trade at Universities, Colleges and Acting Schools.

Corporate speaking and talent mentoring came after that.

Then came Mom on You Can’t Do That On TV.

I voiced cartoons: The Care Bears, Teddy Ruxpin, For Better or For Worse.

I landed a job with Canada’s Arthur Black on a TVOntario history show.

I wrote: Dorothy Parker, Gloves Off, I Miss My Man/My Aim Is Getting Better.

I went on tour: Love Letters [Gurney] and Shirley Valentine [Russell].

I won awards for theatrical comedy: The Critics’ Choice.

I ghosted/guided 100 published works for other people.

I wrote 2 novels and my signature work, FAME: The Collectors’ Edition.

I launched AH Publisher… a boutique publishing service.



I share my insights, triumphs and train-wrecks as a keynote celebrity speaker.


This is what I learned along the way

FAME is… what you want it to be.

Pushing the envelope… beating the odds… tests your talent, timing and will.

Making it happen AGAIN… this is the ultimate thrill.


Are you ready?


Panel 4

I wrote the book

FAME: The Collectors’ Edition

Now on

FAME: The Collectors’ Edition is the ultimate insiders’ guide to show biz… 26 conversations that explore the truth about a world we can’t get enough of. You’ll find insights honestly shared by Abby Hagyard’s famous former kids and 250 one-of-a-kind photos that take us back to the days when TV changed the way we looked at ourselves. Featuring former stars of You Can’t Do That On TV and The Care Bears, among others, Abby’s colleagues and brilliant kids tell us what it’s like to live in the spotlight. FAME: The Collectors’ Edition is the true fan’s gotta-have experience.



“Having grown up with the You Can’t Do That on Television series, I was thrilled to hear that a behind-the-scenes, interview-type book was being written about it. I read the book from cover to cover the day I received it, and was unprepared for the emotional ride and the depth of the stories and interviews. It is stunning to hear how the various participants achieved their fame, and the paths that fame would take them on. It is even more amazing to see how each of them handled it… AND, what they each learned from it.”


Abby Hagyard

“Mom [and the other adult female characters on the show] has created an intensely powerful and moving piece of work, crafted from interviews she had with her former TV kids, as well as other colleagues and friends who all know quite a bit about Fame. Filled with behind-the-scenes photos and ephemera, Ms. Hagyard has opened the door to a very private world, where we can catch up with our favorite TV kids, see what they are up to now, and get a taste of Fame.”


Contact me for your personally autographed copy of FAME!