“Feisty…” The Ubyssey

“Infectious…” CBC

“Best in show…” Variety International

“A comedienne to the manor born…” The Journal

“There’s a lady on stage…” The Citizen

What I Do

I make you laugh till it hurts. That’s it, really.
Whatever the topic, I add the “Who knew?”
I give you the chance to see someone else mess up the things that make you crazy.

You laugh because – Finally! – someone has said what you’ve been thinking.
You love the idea that Someone Famous can get it so hopelessly wrong.
BTW ‘Hopelessly Wrong’ means OhMyGawdInHeavenWhatTheHellJustHappened!

You Want Examples?

Did you know…
That you CAN’T stop a farm tractor by driving it into the side of a barn?
That hosting a Morning Drive Radio show means getting up at 4 AM?
That the rum is NOT next to the gin because you can mix it with dry vermouth?

What Do I Mean When I Say I’m ‘Someone Famous’?

I worked at Playboy Magazine in NYC.
I fell off fashion runways with American Models in Miami.
I met A List stars hosting Scene From Here on CBC.
I became your Mom on You Can’t Do That On TV.
I created voices for The Care Bears and Teddy Ruxpin.
I won awards on stage as
Shirley Valentine.

Why It Works

We all have things we like… to do… and see… and hear.
We all have our favourite options… music… dance… art… books… radio… TV… film.
The bottom line is… we love to laugh.

I’ve tried my hand at all kinds of things.
And what I’ve learned in the doing is where my stories come from.
What I talk about… and what you see… is how it SHOULDN’T be done.

After that, I show you what CAN work… and DOES work… every time.
I give you a take-away that adds value to the giggles and makes the visit worthwhile.

My Ideal Audience

You already know who I am.
You had fun and learned something the last time.
And you can’t wait to do it again.

Where You Find Me

*On The Internet – Find me on YouTube
(Talk To The GloveYou Can’t Do That On TV)

*In Books – Find me on Amazon – Abby Hagyard
(FAMEUnsuitableVicariousPatches & The Damsel Dragon)

*In the Halls of Higher Learning
(Universities, Colleges, Career Training Schools, PD Days)

*At Annual Meetings/Conventions
(Businesses, Associations, Fund-raisers, Foundations)

*At Executive Training Retreats
(Leadership, Team-building, Goal-setting – Corporate & Government)

*For Show Biz Groups
(Acting Schools, Modeling/Talent Agencies, Tourism, Hotels, Hospitality)

Are YOU ready to give me a try?

Panel 2

I wrote the book…

I Wrote The Book…


April, 2015

Vicarious: A Novel Idea

Now on Amazon.com

Best-selling coming romance-writer, Johnni Foster, is the undisputed Queen of the Slow-Motion Train Wreck… in her chick lit fiction and her life. When she dreams up a chilling thriller plot and decides she’ll run with it, she finds herself up to her ears in stalkers and body parts. Will she unmask a killer hiding in plain sight? Will she teach her sleazy agent a lesson? Will she stop saying How hard can that be? and What’s the worst that can happen? before it’s too late?


Fast, fun, Floridian read that makes you see the movie in your head…

What fun! If you’ve ever said, “What’s the worst that could happen?” — this modern mystery about a best-selling author who has an idea that comes back to bite her will make you think twice about saying it again.

The fun plot kicks in at Chapter One, then never lets up, blending smart/funny lines with suspenseful twists, wacky characters (clearly rooted in truth) and a lead character that you’d want to follow anywhere makes for a quick but memorable read. Watch for the “Johnni Foster Mystery” sequel Unsuitable coming soon…

November, 2015

Lost & Found: Victoria Scarcella

  Now on Amazon.com

Lost & Found is the memoir of a real-life serial survivor; a gutsy wake-up call to those who may be – or may know someone – experiencing abuse.

Though Victoria fought as hard as she could, as time went by, her power to choose and her freedom were slowly taken away from her. Because things that are broken don’t mend by themselves, her situation kept getting worse. How she survived is a mystery to her doctors. How she kept her sanity is a mystery to her. What we hope you take away from this book: If someone is trying to steal your joy and happiness, get help. You deserve it.


This is a true survivor!

It took courage to complete this project. Reliving the terror to get it right cost Victoria many sleepless nights. To her doubters: If you think you can break her… you’re wrong!

March, 2016

Making It Mine

White Knights

Now on Amazon.com

Making It Mine: Survivors who fought for their lives… and won. [With Victoria Scarcella] This is a celebration of survivors who were ready to stand up and speak out. Each one ended up in a situation that placed them at risk. Each one had to find a way out. To do that, they had to draw a line in the sand and make the most of the life they’d been given. Now, they’re ready to share what happened when the switch flipped and they were ready to fight for their lives… and win.

White Knights: Always ready… Always willing… Always there. [With Troy Danyluk] White Knights know that, to have a life worth living, it’s not enough to save yourself. The reason they care – the reason they step up to help – is that they’ve been there. Each of our contributors had an AHA moment at some point in time. Whatever it was, it changed them. The found themselves seeing the world from the other side. Today, they share a passion: they want to be part of the solution that makes things right.


Inspired and Inspiring

It’s humbling to meet a true hero. It’s breath-taking to meet twenty of them!

January, 2017

FAME: The Collectors’ Edition

Now on Amazon.com

FAME: The Collectors’ Edition is the ultimate insiders’ guide to show biz… 26 conversations that explore the truth about a world we can’t get enough of. You’ll find insights honestly shared by Abby Hagyard’s famous former kids and 250 one-of-a-kind photos that take us back to the days when TV changed the way we looked at ourselves. Featuring former stars of You Can’t Do That On TV and The Care Bears, among others, Abby’s colleagues and brilliant kids tell us what it’s like to live in the spotlight. FAME: The Collectors’ Edition is the true fan’s gotta-have experience.


“Having grown up with the You Can’t Do That on Television series, I was thrilled to hear that a behind-the-scenes, interview-type book was being written about it. I read the book from cover to cover the day I received it, and was unprepared for the emotional ride and the depth of the stories and interviews. It is stunning to hear how the various participants achieved their fame, and the paths that fame would take them on. It is even more amazing to see how each of them handled it… AND, what they each learned from it.”

 September, 2017

PATCHES and The Damsel Dragon

Now on Amazon.com

PATCHES and The Damsel Dragon is a magical childhood adventure suitable for anyone who loves a good story. It offers lots of action, funny moments and great life lessons hidden inside a tale of fierce dragons, brave knights, beautiful damsels and magnificent magicians. To add to your enjoyment, Patches and The Damsel Dragon is presented as a read-along story, a funny colouring book and a popular children’s theatre production.


I’m not crying. You’re crying…

To be honest, this DID make me cry.
“He’s just turned 10,” she said, “and books are a struggle for him. I had a feeling he would have fun with the Patches characters, so I crossed my fingers and said, ‘Let’s read the play together. I’ll take the first line. You take the next.’

And then she added, “Abby, he stayed with it for 20 MINUTES!!! And when we ran out of time, he didn’t want to stop!!!”

November, 2017

Unsuitable: A Novel Romance

Coming Soon to Amazon.com



Contact me for your personally autographed copy of these wonderful books!

Panel 3

Now What? Strategies

Everything’s Great… Until It Isn’t

“Are you kidding me?”


You’ve been there and you’ve done that.
You’re realizing that it isn’t as simple as you thought it would be.

And of course it didn’t happen early.
No. It’s happened now.
And now you need a Now What? Strategy.


This is my specialty.
I spent thirty years in the biggest biz there is.
The place where first impressions mean everything.
And no one gets second chances.

This is what you and I will do…

Quietly, in confidence, you’ll tell me what isn’t working.
Together we’ll find the flaw in your Career / Brand / Business Blueprint.
And I’ll help you figure out what to do that’s going to work best for you.

Why you will love your Now What? consultations…

I understand what it’s like to be an original, one-of-a-kind.
This isn’t just anyone. This is you we’re talking about.
Your career / brand / business solution must be custom-designed.

When you’re ready to show the world something new…

I’m ready, too!