“Guess who likes you!”

Remember that kid back in school?
The one who always knew?

Remember when you heard those words?
Or that time you beat the odds and won the prize?
Remember the way you felt?
Those were the days, weren’t they?

Glory Days…
Yeah, they’ll pass you by

Have you ever wondered why…

Everyone thinks we get one shot at the brass ring?
One chance to make that first impression?
A fleeting moment to be a star?

What if I can prove that your New Glory Days are waiting?

What if I can show you how easy it is to keep The Dream alive?
That, in fact, we get as many Glory Days as we’re willing to work for?
How do I know?
I wrote the book on FAME.

Celebrity Speaker

The best things about the talks I give?
They’re funny… they’re true…
And they’re all about YOU!

The Truth

FAME isn’t one of those things that happens to the other guy.
FAME is… what you want it to be.

And your New Glory Days are waiting!