From New York to Miami to LA, I built an audience worldwide

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It’s an awkward and humbling moment…

When you assume that your reputation precedes you.


Let me set the scene for you…

You get an invitation to a fancy A List shindig

You’re swanning around like a diva

Showing everyone your other good side

When, out of the blue, Someone says to you,

“And what is it that you do, dear?”

Cue the Sounds of Silence.


My Back Story goes like this…

In my defense, I’m almost always out of step.

I’m a military brat… a perpetual new kid on the block.


My Career

After Junior College, I landed a job at Playboy Magazine in New York.

After that, it was high fashion modeling with American Models, Miami Beach.

In the apprenticeship years, I learned how to write, produce and act.

My first TV series was Scene From Here, a show biz show on Canada’s CBC.

We won an award and, right after that, the series was axed. Naturally.

So I narrated National Film Board films and hosted Morning Drive Radio.

I taught the tools of the trade at Universities, Colleges and Acting Schools.

Corporate speaking and talent mentoring came after that.

Then came Mom on You Can’t Do That On TV.

I voiced cartoons: The Care Bears, Teddy Ruxpin, For Better or For Worse.

I landed a job with Canada’s Arthur Black on a TVOntario history show.

I wrote: Dorothy Parker, Gloves Off, I Miss My Man/My Aim Is Getting Better.

I went on tour: Love Letters [Gurney] and Shirley Valentine [Russell].

I won awards for theatrical comedy: The Critics’ Choice.

I ghosted/guided 100 published works for other people.

I wrote 2 novels and my signature work, FAME: The Collectors’ Edition.

I launched AH Publisher… a boutique publishing service.



I share my insights, triumphs and train-wrecks as a keynote celebrity speaker.


This is what I learned along the way

FAME is… what you want it to be.

Pushing the envelope… beating the odds… tests your talent, timing and will.

Making it happen AGAIN… this is the ultimate thrill.


Are you ready?


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